Stacey Fox Hair Oil

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Hello!  Welcome to my site!  I'm so happy you're here.  My name is Stacey (that's me in all of the photos) and I'm the owner/creator of Stacey Fox Hair Oil.  Yes, that's all my own hair.  No, it's not extensions.  :)   I get asked that question frequently when I'm in public.  It's even on the back of my business cards because I get asked so often.  LOL  
I've been a registered nurse for  22 years and I have extensively studied organic nutrition and natural, organic beauty alternatives and their effects on the body.  My mission is to help others on their journey to using nature's bounty, avoiding toxic chemicals and harmful additives in their beauty routines.  I've been making and using this oil blend for over 25 years and my hair is living proof that it works.  It's made with all organic oils, no other ingredients, no chemicals, no silicones, no sulfates or other harsh, damaging ingredients.  It's gentle enough to be used on the face with amazing results.  I make this formula fresh in my kitchen, using food grade, organic oils and top it off with the sweet scent of organic French lavender essential oil.  To keep the environmental footprint to a minimum, I use glass bottles and droppers and cardboard box mailers with paper cushion protection, which can all be recycled.  My products are NEVER tested on animals and are 100% VEGAN.  I research the sources I buy my oils from in an attempt to buy only vegan, cruelty-free oils.  As a vegan myself, This is VERY important to me.  
How did it come to be?  I was stopped frequently by strangers wanting to know what I use on my hair, so I started to sell this hair oil due to requests from strangers, family and friends.  It's popularity has grown organically over a decade through word of mouth and now, with customers all over the world, I'm so humbled by the outpouring of love for these products and support from my loyal customers.  There is such a need for truly pure, organic, wholesome beauty products and it fills my heart with joy to know my beloved hair oil is helping to fulfill that need.  
From the bottom of my heart, I thank you so much for visiting this site and if you choose to order, thank you for supporting a small business who's owner truly cares about your health, that of our beautiful earth and the creatures we share it with.... even if having beautiful, healthy hair is a side effect.  *wink*
Please send me your testimony and pics of your hair and skin as it changes.  I LOVE hearing from my customers and seeing the amazing results they have using these products.  Your satisfaction is my goal.  Don't forget to like us on Facebook.  New products coming so be sure to check back! Happy oiling!