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Why would I put oil on my hair?

Posted on August 22, 2017 at 12:05 AM

I know, I know, your first thought when someone says "hair oil" is "but my hair will look like you can fry an egg in it!".  I even thought it was a crazy idea when I first heard it myself but then I saw the genius in it.  Think about it.  Your scalp creates natural oils that are meant to coat the strands of hair to make them shiny, healthy, protect them and stop breakage.  And once upon a time, humans didn't wash their hair as often as we do today, so that oil was able to make it's way down the hair shaft in some way, usually by brushing and grooming.  Today, the vast majority of people wash their hair every day, some every other day.  With this kind of frequency, the oils never have the time to develop or make their way down the shaft to do it's job.  So we are left with very dry, brittle hair that splits and breaks, frizzes and becomes unmanageable.  Then in an attempt to find a remedy, we coat our hair with silicones and chemicals that make it feel like it's improving.  It feels silky, looks shinier, less frizzy so it must be working!  Until the first time you wash it with a natural shampoo and remove that chemical coating and realize it was all a hoax.  No wonder it's still splitting and breaking!  This is because the problem hasn't been fixed with these products, it's only been covered up or made worse.  This is where a good, all natural hair oil comes to the rescue!  Stacey Fox Hair Oil coats dry, damaged hair shafts protecting and smoothing, making it healthier and stronger.  It does what your natural oils would do if they were allowed to reach the hair shaft.  With the first use, you'll see the difference and with regular use, Stacey Fox Hair Oil will help your hair grow stronger, longer, shinier and healthier.  Don't just mask the problem with chemicals, fix the problem with an organic product that's gentle enough to use on your face.  Be sure to read my blog post about why Stacey Fox Hair Oil is different from other products on the market.  I'll tell you what to look for on labels so you can see and decide for yourself.  Happy oiling!

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