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What's so special about Stacey Fox Organic Hair Oil?

Posted on March 30, 2016 at 4:55 PM

Why Stacey Fox Organic Hair Oil is different from other brands.


I’m sure at some point in checking out my site you’ve asked yourself, “What’s so special about this hair oil? I’m already using an amazing hair oil that I can purchase in my local store. Why would I need to order this particular oil? Why is it different?” Well, this is where I get passionate! The vast majority of store brands contain some type of silicone (any ingredient that ends in “cone”;), an unpronounceable chemical or preservative or two, or TEN, parabens (which mimic estrogen in the body and are absorbed through the skin) or non-organic GMO sourced ingredients. Stacey Fox Hair Oil contains none of these. Zero. That’s right. None. My hair oil only contains organic non-GMO highest quality oils. Anyone looking to free their lives and bodies from these harmful chemicals will want to find healthy, organic alternatives for their beauty products as well. So, just take a minute and have a look at the ingredients list on the back of your current hair products. Do they contain any of the ingredients that I’ve listed above? If they do, then you should be concerned and do your own investigating. 

By now you’re thinking, “But the FDA approved these ingredients and they protect us from harmful chemicals and agents right?” Guess again. The FDA only goes off of what the company who created the product tells them.  A company creates a new chemical/product and wants to sell it on the market. The FDA requires them to conduct a study to prove the product isn’t harmful before it can be approved. Well, if the study comes from the company that wants to make money off of that product, isn’t that a conflict of interest? I think so, and so do a lot of other concerned consumers. The fact is that the system is flawed and involves a lot of scandal, dishonesty, and money being passed “under the table”.  Think about this, how many decades did we drink and eat from plastics that contained BPA before the FDA declaired it was harmful and said it needed to be avoided? It was introduced in the 1940’s! It took about 60 years for them to do anything about it.  Maybe the truth is they just didn’t know for a while, but who knows? The real question is: do you just blindly trust them, even when they may not have the knowledge themselves to protect you or do you take it upon yourself to protect yourself and your family?

So what are we to do to protect ourselves? First- Do your research. Don’t just take my word for it. Research the ingredients I’ve listed above and see for yourself what has been discovered about them. Decide for yourself if you want those additional harmful chemicals in your body along with all of the others that bombard your system every day. As for me, I want to give my liver and my body in general (and my family’s) a break as much as I can. If our livers are clogged up trying to filter out chemicals and other garbage, it can’t do it’s job of metabolizing fat and all of the other jobs it needs to do. Second- To be sure about what you’re putting in and on your body or at least come the closest you’re able to (think about what God placed on this Earth for us to consume). Does it come from a plant or do you even know for sure? Look for organic, non-GMO, plant-based foods and beauty products. The more you make those choices, the more organics will become available and will drive the prices down. Every time you buy organics you’re voting. You’re saying to the beauty and food giants who control the market, “I won’t put harmful chemicals onto or into my body or my family’s bodies. So give me more of the organic stuff and make it affordable.”

The next question to answer is “What’s wrong with silicones”? I mean, the “hair oils” in the retail stores contain “cones” of some sort and it makes your hair immediately feel silky and look shiny right? The truth is that silicones seal the hair shaft cuticle and prevent it from absorbing any moisture at all. After a period of time of using silicone-based products, the hair shaft frays and becomes dry, weak and brittle and will split and break at a remarkable rate. Breakage is usually the culprit when a woman says she has a hard time growing her hair long. If you’ve been using these silicone-based products, just washing your hair once with an organic shampoo will strip all of those silicones off of the shaft and reveal just how dry and brittle it has left your hair. The other problem with “cone” ingredients is that they build up over time causing your hair to look drab, to be weighed down and not hold your style without a ton of styling products. Silicone-based products should be replaced with natural, preferably organic products. My all organic, all oil blend will lock in moisture and improve the look, feel and health of your hair. It'll help stop splitting and breakage so your hair can grow longer and stronger. It even improves the health of your scalp and stimulates growth with weekly hot oil and scalp massage treatments. Our oil never builds up and it actually helps hold your style without additional styling products. Consistency is the key! Daily use and weekly hot oil treatments over time will do amazing things for your hair that will last because it’s not just masking a problem, it’s fixing it!

So take care of yourself and your family by avoiding chemicals and harmful ingredients and choose organic products. You only get one life and one body so treat it like the precious commodity that it is. Until next time. Happy oiling! :)


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