Stacey Fox Hair Oil

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Organic hair oil blend for beautiful, healthy, luxurious hair.  You'll see amazing results!  Until December 24th, we are having a 10% off sale of any product.  Use the code "sale10" to claim your bottle before it's over!

Stacey Fox Hair Oil coats dry, damaged hair shafts protecting and smoothing, making it healthier and stronger. It does what your natural oils would do if they were allowed to reach the hair shaft. With the first use, you'll see the difference and with regular use, Stacey Fox Hair Oil will help your hair grow stronger, longer, shinier and healthier. Don't just mask the problem with chemicals, fix the problem with an organic product that's gentle enough to use on your face. Be sure to read my blog post about why Stacey Fox Hair Oil is different from other products on the market. I'll tell you what to look for on labels so you can see and decide for yourself. Happy oiling!


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