Stacey Fox Hair Oil

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Warning:  Our regular formula of Stacey Fox Hair Oil contains nut oils (but not peanut oil) which may have been produced in factories along with peanuts.  If you have a peanut allergy, please be aware that you may have a reaction to this product and take the necessary precautions.  

NOTICE:  WE NOW OFFER A NUT-FREE formula and a fragrance-free formula (our regular formula has a few drops of organic lavender essential oil and has a beautiful, light, sweet lavender scent).

Skin Testing:  Place a few drops of the oil on the inside of one wrist and massage gently.  Wait 24 hours to be certain you're not allergic to any ingredients before proceeding with the following directions.  

For daily use:  Place a few drops in palm of hand, rub hands together to distribute all over palms of hands and fingers.  Pull hair around to one side and rake fingers lightly all over hair from the crown (imagine a crown sitting on your head and only apply where the bottom of the crown would sit) down.  Do not apply above the crown or to the scalp unless you're doing a hot oil treatment (see below).  Once you've completed one side, do the same to the other side.  Don't forget the back and underneath (I apply close to the scalp underneath to prevent tangling, but you decide what's best for you).  Apply a little more close to the ends.  Brush the oil into your hair, working it down the length of the hair.  Style as usual.  I apply the oil lightly when my hair is damp to lock in moisture and I add more once it's dry if needed.  It's up to you, just don't apply too much or your hair may look oily.  Your hair will drink up the oil and absorb it after a few hours even if you apply a little too much.  I don't wash my hair every day, but I do apply the oil everyday to keep it shiny and healthy.  I recommend that you use the oil daily for the best results and also do a hot oil treatment at least once per week especially if you're trying to grow your hair long.  Consistency is KEY to see the best results!  I recommend that you set an alarm on your phone to remind you to use the oil daily and to schedule the hot oil treatment weekly until it becomes habit.  You will notice that Stacey Fox Hair Oil helps hold your style (curls or straight) even better than when styled without it.  It is not necessary or recommended to use other products with the oil for best results but it will not harm your hair to do so.  This oil blend is all organic and natural, no preservatives or chemicals and cannot do anything to harm your hair.

Stacey Fox Hair Oil is never tested on animals, contains NO animal products and is suitable for vegans.  :)

For hot oil treatments:  Apply Stacey Fox Hair Oil all over hair and scalp.  Apply liberally!!! I use my hands to do this but I have had some customers say they transfer some of the oil to a spray bottle and spray the oil into their hair.  It's your choice.  Once you've applied the oil, I recommend massaging it into your scalp for about 5-10 minutes.  This will stimulate growth and help improve the condition of your scalp.  Then dampen a towel with warm water and wrap your head.  Be cautious…. if the towel feels to hot to your hand, don't apply it to your head until it cools a bit.  Once head is wrapped with the warm towel, let sit for about 30-60 minutes (longer the better).  No, you can't over do it so don't worry.  You can even apply a shower cap and leave it in overnight.  Then wash hair as usual and apply more oil for everyday as described above and style.  You will notice an amazing difference in your hair with just one hot oil treatment but with continued use over time, you will notice unbelievable health, strength, length and shine.   Let me know what you think and send me your pics!  It's exciting to see the results my customers have!!

For skin:  Stacey Fox Hair Oil can be applied to skin as well.  Just apply a drop or two to palm and use finger tips to massage into skin on face and neck, under eyes, elbows, knees and heels (all over really!).  And because it's all natural, there are no concerns about clogging pores or causing breakouts, even in those prone to breakouts.  It's also great for after bath and shower to apply all over.  Apply to dry skin and wait about 5 minutes for it to absorb.  Skin feels silky smooth all day and minimizes appearance of wrinkles and with regular use can help stop the formation of new wrinkles.  The oil is also great to use with shaving for both men and women. Apply to skin in the bath, shower or just before shaving and get a much closer, smoother shave.


I sincerely hope you enjoy this natural luxurious oil as much as our loyal customers and I do! 

Happy Oiling!!!