Stacey Fox Hair Oil

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Customer Testimonials

I started using Stacey Fox oil at the recommendation of a friend who met Stacey and noticed her gorgeous hair. I have fine, wavy hair and most products are too heavy for my hair but not this oil. I use it once my hair is dry as sort of a leave-in conditioner and have noticeable improvement in my style holding and also improvement in frizz and fly aways. My waves hold much better with the oil and I can put it in my second day hair to make it look great again. as any curly or wavy girl knows, it can be a challenge to find the right products for 2nd day hair. i have tried many oils in my hair but this is the only one light enough to use in my hair on a daily basis. I also notice a difference in my friend's hair- it is visibly much smoother. After using it ever day and getting used to the smoother look, I stopped using it 'forgetting' how well it worked because i was so used to less frizz. Several months later my friend brought her bottle to my house and i used it again and noticed such a big difference i have vowed to never be without it! It is kind of like using a great lotion, once your skin is feeling smooth all the time you might forget how dry it was in the beginning and not be as diligent in putting the lotion on every day.

Jeri S.  (Montana)

Hi Stacey,
Remember me? My husband had surgery a few weeks ago and you were his nurse. I bought your hair oil and my hair has had a great turnaround. It is no longer so dry and has a silky feel. The split ends seem to be calming down. Thank you so much! I think you have a winner with this product and I hope it takes off for you. I want to use it for many years to come.
I would like to order a bottle for my sister who lives in Philadelphia. How can I go about doing this?
Thanks so much,
Suzanne (Colorado)

The testimonial below is from my sister (pictured on the left) and of course, most people will think she is just biased but I have to add that it took a few years to convince her to even try Stacey Fox Hair Oil because she was worried it would make her hair oily and maybe just wouldn't work for her but as you'll see below, she's been won over!  :)

Hey Sis! I want to let everyone reading this know what a great product you have to offer and how I use mine. I am a super busy mom of twins. I travel for work and always bring my hair oil with me. I don't have time to spend a whole day in the salon and this product works wonders. I use my hair oil in the shower while my hair is damp and I don't rinse it out. I have long hair like my sister and a little bit goes a long way. I always get compliments on my hair because of how healthy it looks. It's a must have in my shower. As an added bonus I shave my legs and bikini line with it. I never get shave bumps since I started doing this! My skin feels so soft when I dry off. I don't need lotion! If you're busy like me why wouldn't you want a 3 in 1 miracle in a bottle?!

Your Sister,

Cricket (Texas)

I have very fine, thin and limp hair that gets oily quickly and damages easily.  In addition, my hair is colored every six weeks.  I live in the heat and humidity of the deep south so I was apprehensive about using any sort of oil product that might weigh my hair down.  This oil is light enough to use in the highest humidity but still protective enough to prevent damage from coloring and styling.  I apply it just before my hair is fully dry and then finish drying with a boar hair brush.  I've used on dry skin and even as a moisturizer on my face.  I like the fact that it's organic.  My dog loves the smell and licks the bottle.  I've even rubbed it into his coat.  It's soft and shiny and chemical free!

Shelley - "Deep South" Texas ;)


Hi Stacey! I miss you and hope you are well! I have been using this product since I met Stacey over 8 years ago. It has made my hair so strong and thick, and I never have split ends. Even after pregnancy when you lose so much hair, this product has miraculously kept my hair so thick and shiny! I love it!

Stephanie (Denver, CO)

I have been using Stacey Fox Hair Oil for a few years now and I have to say what an amazing product it is!  My hair has never been so healthy, soft and strong.  I use it on my skin too and I get asked all the time what I've been doing that makes my skin glow.  I even get asked if I've had facial fillers or some kind of laser treatment because people think I look younger!  I'm sold!  I love this stuff and you have a loyal customer in me.  I pray you continue to offer this product for decades to come.  I need it!!
Kim (New York)


I just wanted to let you know that even though I've only been using your product for a few months, I've noticed a wonderful change in my hair.  It's so soft and the split ends seem to have disappeared.  I don't need to get it trimmed as often because of this and it's growing at a much faster rate.  I love doing the hot oil treatments.  I get great results from it and everyone seems to be noticing the difference as well.  I just wanted to let you know how much I love it and what a blessing I think your product is for women who have less than perfect hair like me.  
Thanks again,
Diana (New Zealand)